Database of Permutation Pattern Avoidance (Look-Up)

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If entering a pattern, please put a single space between each entry, as in: 3 4 10 2 5 1 7 9 8 6.

If searching multiple patterns, please separate them by commas.
For keyword queries, anything not separated by commas will be searched as an exact phrase.
A search will return those records that contain all of the queried terms.

The database incorporates signed permutations as well. These should be entered, for example, as 3 -1 2.

The database now incorporates barred permutations! Barred letters are marked by "b," as in "4 b1 3 5 2" for the barred pattern "41352."

Entry numbers range from P0001 to P0061.

The aim of this database is to provide a resource of phenomena characterized by avoiding a finite number of permutation patterns.

Please email any comments, corrections, or submissions to bridget (at) and include the word "Database" in the subject line.

Note that if you are submitting an entry that includes many patterns, it is helpful for the symbols in a pattern to be separated by spaces and the patterns themselves to be separated by %. For example, entry P0019 could be submitted as 4 3 2 1 % 4 5 3 1 2 % 4 5 6 1 2 3.

This database is maintained by Bridget Tenner.