I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. I earned my Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2009 from the University of Virginia, where I worked under the supervision of Brian Parshall. I then spent three years as a VIGRE Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Georgia, before joining the DePaul faculty in 2012. I earned my B.A. in 2004 from McDaniel College in Westminster, MD, where I majored in Mathematics and Physics.


I am on research leave in Winter 2018 and Spring 2018. In Autumn 2018 I will be teaching MAT 110 Foundations of Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I, and MAT 310 Abstract Algebra I. For more information on the courses I have taught, please see my teaching page.


My research is in the branch of algebra called representation theory. Specifically, I study the representation theory and cohomology of algebraic groups and related structures, including Lie algebras, finite group schemes, finite groups of Lie type, quantized enveloping algebras, Lie superalgebras, and Hopf algebras. A complete list of my research papers, as well as a more detailed description of my research interests, can be found on my research page.

In Winter 2018 I will be a Research Member at the Mathematical Sciences Research Insitute in Berkeley, California, during the Program on Group Representation Theory and Applications. In Spring 2018 I will be traveling to various conferences and workshops.